Reasonable diet while breastfeeding (part 1)

The diet of the mother has a certain influence on the quality of breast milk. A moderate diet, healthy and avoid some foods will have a positive impact for mothers breast feeding.

Food and milk

Many young mothers are recommended to eat oranges, spicy foods, cabbage and onions can cause colic, but according to studies, these foods have no effect. However, more and more research on the impact that the foods often cause allergies including nuts, wheat, milk, eggs, and dairy products may affect the infant. In addition, research shows that mothers who are breastfeeding eat a lot of fishes (for instances mackerel and salmon), can transmit the omega-3 for friends this may be especially beneficial for the families that have an asthma history (ABA, 2004). Although the adjustment of the mother’s diet to avoid allergic child is not yet widely supported, the research continues to go into the room better than a cure for children (Palmer, 2004).

The effects of maternal diet after childbirth

Many components in breast milk stable during lactation. There are a number of other components can be changed according to the diet, such as the corresponding fat and breast milk on the menu. There is a note that with such changes; the total caloric content remains unchanged. The addition can alter a certain extent the nutrient content in breast milk, such as vitamin C and vitamin B2 easily change with diet while calcium and iron did not like. Sugar content in breast milk is not dependent on diet.

Protein content in breast milk is virtually unaffected by diet, in cases which the mother severely malnourished. Cow’s milk is not fitted for baby for various reasons including lack of protein and taurine (an amino acid important for eye and brain function).

The normal changes in eating habits of mothers are breastfeeding not affect milk yield and milk components. Mothers with a poor diet can create milk with protein, fat, and lower energy. However, these cases are malnourished mothers can cause lack of milk.

In countries, nutrition is not guaranteed indicate that milk of lactating mothers still meet the demands of infants when breastfeeding mothers under normal demand.

These foods should be avoided

In other words, not really avoid food. There is more information that should not eat this or that provide real time and experience to abstain. You should eat less junk food because junk food provides too many calories but low in nutrients. Try to prevent the additives in food. Choose fresh food.

How do fishes and mercury effect on breastfeeding?

Although an important time for the development of children is still in the fetal stage, the FSANZ, which stands for Food Standards Australia New Zealand, said that women who are breastfeeding no special recommendations for the mercury metabolism in breast milk are very low. However, to be safe, women can follow the guidelines for pregnant mothers involved in the absorption of fish.

How about chocolate

Not to be missed this delicious dish for eating chocolate can bring comfort. A little chocolate can trick the taste buds throughout the meal, but everything needs balance. Some chocolate will not affect you, eat moderately and enjoy it. When you are concerned, you can choose organic dark chocolate covered fruit-at least this way may make you more comfortable.

Allergies to breastfed babies

Breastfeeding mothers will give the baby some antibodies against allergies. For instance, breastfeeding mothers are very good especially when there is a family with allergy history, for examples sinusitis, asthma, eczema and wheezing. Studies show that the antibodies in breast milk (especially IgA) may be associated with the protein in food to figure a compound that decreases the fluid into the baby’s blood.

While changing your diet (egg reduce common allergens such as eggs, nuts, milk and gluten, milk or preterm formula with higher sugar content) has not been studied much, you will be so many doctors recommend. Who said that the study did not catch up with the reality? We know that the protein in the egg components can be metabolized out of human milk, so other food components can also be transformed, but we do not know. Therefore, eat the best foods for your baby and you, and ensure nutrition.

When you need to keep a balance diet

Any food group to diet need to be altered by other foods. The change in diet should be considered carefully, especially the changes reduce the diversity as well as food groups like it can reduce the number of nutrients, lack calova increased sensitivity to the other foods to eat only a certain number.

Figure 1 is a specific instance of a few of the minerals and vitamins found in some foods that cause allergies. Note that this list does not include the essential fatty acids (EFAs) and essential amino acids in addition to other nutritional factors.

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