Chart from pregnancy until birth

Looking forward to the day of birth is common mentality when you’re pregnant. You will plan around their due date, considered a benchmark that you finish the job, plan for you and your baby. And you are not the only ones interested in it. You’ll see a lot of people, even strangers, ask you: “When the baby was born?”

And in fact, the due date is a critical moment for which you check to see if your baby can develop normally or not. Based on the due date, you can identify the milestones in your baby’s development process, such as when to hear the fetal heart, abdominal size…

For example, most of the pregnant women would first feel the baby started moving from week 16. By week 20, the uterus usually develops near the belly button to the mother’s touch. These parameters ensure that your baby is developing normally. You may start to buy some stuff for example, the pregnancy pillow so, please Click Here to get the Best Pregnancy Pillows.

The doctor will check you in each stage of pregnancy; determine if you are for the umpteenth week when you have your baby. If this information coincides with the development of the size of your abdomen, your baby is growing normally and is ready to born in, or around the time of their due.

Due date is incorrect

You should remember that your due date is not the day to make sure your baby will be born. Due date is an estimate based on the average length of pregnancy for women with a round of “average”.

Due date is calculated based on the theory that fertilization occurs in about the 14th day of the menstrual cycle. This happens in a normal woman. But there are mothers who do not follow the normal rules.

Due date is calculated how

It has been estimated due date by adding 40 weeks or 280 days on the first day of your last period. Most babies will be born before or after this period a few days. And for those women pregnant with her first child, a baby is often born after their due date.

But even born at week 38 or week 42, the baby is still considered fully developed. Differences 4 this week comes from the difference in the menstrual cycle of women because not all women have a 28-day menstrual cycle.

If the mother is not able to determine the due date clearly, the doctor will estimate the amount of time that can be born baby. Although the mother wishes to identify a precise point, but the baby has the operational mechanism of its own and does not care to chart fertility as well as their due dates. Pregnancy is not a process that we can control precisely and scientifically.

The important thing is you have to be comfortable until their due date. In fact, rearing a newborn baby is a good exercise for you and your baby will become part of your life. And having a baby also means that you will no longer find life easy control and are free as before.

Calculate your due date

  • Fill in your details on the line below to calculate your due date
  • The first day of your last period, more information

Cycle length

* Keep in mind that these results are only estimates. Your baby will be born when he is ready.

Consult a doctor to determine the exact time they’re due.


Most pregnant women have a habit of ultrasound at least once during pregnancy. The first ultrasound is usually performed in the first 3 months, especially if the mother has some doubts about the expected time of birth or age of the fetus week. The second is known as pregnancy ultrasound screening and is performed during the 18th week of pregnancy.

Ultrasound screening and determine the date will show the maturity of the baby, placenta, and position of the baby’s health. It is also used to assess the growth of the baby. Accordingly, if the size of the baby matches week’s gestation, the baby is developing in accordance with the due date.

If I was IVF

If you were conceived by in vitro fertilization or other assisted reproduction methods other than the estimated time of conception will be much more accurate. From there, you can calculate the expected delivery date more easily. However, some women seem to take more or less time to “grow” their baby. In the case of multiple pregnancies mother, fertility before their due date is greater. Similarly, if the mother has complications during pregnancy are more likely to premature birth.

Where do babies bear before their due date

Women who are diagnosed with preeclampsia, gestational diabetes or disorders autoimmune system are encouraged to use caesarean measures or induce labor. In this case, the doctor will consider ensuring good health for the mother can tolerate surgery. But more importantly, you should pay particular attention to the health risks of premature babies.

As a baby grows slowly or may be compromised by a cause something, doctors often encourage early childbearing mothers. These conditions need care outside better prepared so that the baby feels like still in the womb. In this case, use the due date as a guide for decision-making and to consider all factors.

This is the place that you do not just find the advices of how taking care of pregnant women, some tips of how to balance and help you to not only providing the best condition for the babies but also look after for both mother and kids.

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