How to take care of a 6-month-old baby (part 2)


This time, your baby will be double their body weight at birth unless prematurity or problems with weight gain. The baby’s head is quite large compared to the rest of the weight of the body but obviously has a more proportional birth already. If you notice your baby’s head was squashed in the back, please consult your health care provider infants. Please pay attention to change the baby’s position several times when the baby is sleeping, do not let the baby stays in 1 style for a long time, and every day there was a time to play, movement, then your baby will probably not encountered this situation.

Keep baby healthy

This month your baby has to date vaccination 3rd vaccination, should you make an appointment for your child vaccinated, or to find out locations offer free vaccination for children. After your baby immunized, you let him rest quietly. These side effects after vaccination are quite rare, but your baby can be a bit uncomfortable, fussy after injection. Please refer to the information and charts in this site immunizations for more details.

Many felt the baby was the first time they are about 6 months causing many parents worried. The dads, moms feel anxious when their child is sick the first time, and often quickly take her to a doctor. If you feel your child is not healthy, even though he still appeared to be normal, you should still seek early. The signs that your baby is an unhealthy baby change of diet, increased body temperature, rash, vomiting, or frets baby, crying.

Playing with baby

Both mother and child or participate in social activities, such as children play with the baby, fitness classes for mothers if you’re interested. You can also sign up for the baby in a baby massage class, or simply the fathers, mothers pushing baby walking another. These activities are an effective way to help you create a relationship with the community.

You do not have the notion that you have to play with the child on the side throughout the day. Actually, your baby should have a quiet period, and will feel relaxed when alone. If your baby is happy, cheery and not be hungry, not sleepy, then you let him alone, just lying to look at certain toys, the baby itself will create happiness for yourself. Doing so means that you help her form an important life skill for adult life, this, right from the early years of the baby.

To mother

If you still do not like reading a book, whether it is easy to read books, listen to the radio, buying the magazine, subscribe to read news on the Internet. These activities will help you to maintain contact with the outside world. Perhaps until this moment, you are still too focused on baby care, and other issues that have been overlooked or ignored. This cigarette nothing is wrong, but you should remember that your own mind also needs to be maintained in order to update the information does not fall behind too much.

Your emotion

Maybe you and your spouse are considering when to have children again. Although this is not a plan to make sure, then perhaps you are thinking during the last 6 months that do not know whether or not to have another baby. Actually did not have an ideal spacing between children born at the time of your family, but only because there are too many problems in life affects your decisions only.

Your sleep needs

If your baby is finally bear more sleep at night, then you also please treat yourself to a full night’s sleep. Many mothers to raise children in this age group had suffered bouts of fatigue charming person, but cannot rest because they must care for children. In your case, if you get enough sleep every day and still feel tired, please consult your doctor. One of the causes of fatigue scary is an imbalance or thyroid hormone, but it does not often happen.

Your relationship

If your husband seems a bit neglected responsibilities + baby care, you just “drag” him back to share this work together. You are a mother, and would be very easy for myself immersed in caring for children, but forget that those around you can also take your baby with you very well. So sometimes you just give the baby to her husband, and do not appear to be a mother “know it all”. Your baby actually needs to be loved and to communicate with many people, not only with their own baby’s mother. So there is a saying very judicious: “need a village to care for a child”


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