How to take care of a 6-month-old baby (part 1)

Half a year has passed since the first moment you greet your angel, time goes so fast. As a caring parent, you always want the best care for children every day. So there are times when you feel so busy that they cannot be stopped for a second. So, it is not good for us both. You should arrange a time to be playing with children, watching children. Let “enjoy” the feeling of happiness when you have a child like this adorable. It is these moments of relaxation; this quiet is when you give your baby the most precious care that she can get.

This is the ideal age to put her into the stroller and baby walking along the street. Along the way, you tell your baby about everything around. Let’s help her to expand views of the outside world, always with a positive attitude on your part. You are the first instructors and the most important of the baby and that baby thanks to you know that life is very interesting and safe.

Care for baby’s meals and sleep

At 6 months, most babies will be a mother for the first solid food dish. But also, the baby has been fed from earlier, and have suffered food munching and soundly. Please note that the child will lose the amount of capital available iron in the body since he was in the womb, and the need to add more. Breast milk does not contain iron. Should one of these dishes is her first cereal solid food dishes, can provide abundant iron? But some children will not like this position, so you try to eat baby fruit puree to replace, such as apple or pear puree sugar. Vitamin C is found in fruits helps metabolism of iron in the body, this fruit puree dish nutty, smooth back so kids will like. This time, milk is still the main food in your baby’s diet, so at dinner, you are feeding your baby milk first, and then start eating solid foods.

Your baby should still sleep lasted 3 1-3 hours during the day, and 10 hours at night. Coax the baby to sleep sometimes makes you tired, especially when she does not like to sleep much. You lull your baby to sleep at night either way, also do the same for the baby during the day. If you and your spouse the same unanimity and patience, you will get your baby sleeping habits with loud noises around.


At this age, your baby can learn to switch blades as adults. Some even grabbed the nose or chin propped sucking parents and delectable. This stage is called the oral stage of development when your baby will discover a lot of new things with his mouth. Do not be too rigid in hygiene problems for the baby, or not to suck fiercely anything in their mouths. Now it is the time when your baby set food miles, around baby stuff strewn can clean, sterile, can also unhygienic. You must be familiar with this alone.

If you still do not have the habit of reading to your child every night, start from now. Observe your baby’s face when you show him the images vivid and familiar scenes. Whenever communicating with children, do not comment on or criticize anything, because your baby definitely does not do so.

When you laugh with the baby, the baby will smile back. Your baby will show interest in some small game and almost predictable that game will take place next like. But do not prolong the game for too long with your baby, your baby is not enough to play or chat with you a long time, and she will convey to you this. She can stare you will not look away anymore, become irritable, and may cry. How mean you stop the game and move the baby to another operation. You need to look carefully reactions or her mood. Your main Conduct for baby will be their first lesson to her to share and understand when communicating with people.

Development milestones

Your baby can stand with 2 feet for a while and then, of course, with the help of an adult holding 2 hands. Babies have to learn to keep your balance, this takes a lot of time and effort to practice; you try to look at the baby’s face is highly concentrated when trying to implement this and see. May 6th is also the time many babies start to sit alone, but only for a moment. Baby or fall forward or sideways, you should note carefully watch your baby. Also, your baby could not interest in sitting up, you should not force your child to practice. There are many little “escape” to sit until after crawling, about 8-9 months old.

This month your baby will start teething, so you check your child’s interests to see what others are not. The first teeth to appear are usually the lower incisors. When the baby had 1, 2 teeth, please note hygiene care for the baby with a wet towel every day.

Your baby will quickly realize that things are within reach of the baby can control. Grip has not developed so that children mature “waved scratch” items on your palms. At the beginning of this life, he can use both hands equally handy, just about to go to school until the new baby is clearly expressed will-handed.

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