How to take care for a 5-month-old baby

You’ve clearly been the development of the baby around the time the baby is 5 months old when the baby started extroverted and exposed to everyone. He knows how to attract attention, and even the most discerning person must also soften before the adorable baby fascinated. This is not only an important life skill but also the foundation for your child to learn social skills. You do not think that the next time there is a little baby value. Your baby’s brain is formed by the love and encouragement he or she received from her loved ones.

You may have to go back to work, or going well already. Your life will be a lot busier than the last to take the baby has to go to work. To be able to assume both roles at the same time, you have to arrange everything and do not be a workaholic. If not, make sure you will be exhausted and depressed. So you just said it was determined the time when the agreement to work after the birth of your boss, for example, you can switch to part-time work, or tell you about the time of the feeding, hours dream work also must be flexible and you can rest when your baby is sick, need your care.

Care meals and baby’s sleep

Your baby will probably stare when you eat, watching you put the spoon or fork into his mouth and chewed. But you still should not eat solid foods for your baby too soon; because milk is still the source of essential nutrients for the baby until this point, ensures every child’s nutritional needs. If you are breastfeeding your baby, you also do not force the baby to breastfeed each nipple sucking. A 5-month-old baby and know when hungry need to breastfeed, when it to entertainments, just suck it.

At this time, your child knows it’s easy to turn your baby had difficulty keeping your back stays a baby during sleep. But note that you still have to put babies on their backs to lull baby. Until they were able to invert, mature back then you stop sleeping baby bandanas. Towels can wrap up the baby and cause suffocation when they kept rolling through rolling.

If you still lull baby to sleep by sucking a nipple, you should see your child go to sleep just under the TV when fed only. If this is not what troubles for both mother and child, then go ahead. However, if she has become dependent on the TV to the new mother slept, and would be very difficult to sleep when switching to an informal stage, other sleep without feeding, you should stop breastfeeding whenever sleep lullaby.

If baby is feeding milk formula, the baby still needs to average about 5/24 hours. If you feel the need to increase the amount of milk for the baby, then make sure you take the milk directly from the carton of milk for mixing baby. Please adhere to the exact ratio formula and water phase; this will help the baby from constipation and excessive weight gain.


A 5-month-old baby was happy and comfortable because she had been his first, self-elevating. Baby is the center attracting all the attention of those around you, make you feel happy. And it seems you too are attracted by the lovely gesture of the baby.

But at 5 months of age, babies also proved very irritable whenever unwell, unhappy, or simply do not know what you want. Her personality was shaped quite clear from now. Babies can be very quiet, easily understandable way, or it can be very sensitive, hysterical, and should be your regular pampering to calm his temper. Your baby is clearly an independent little person, and even though you feel extremely attached to the baby, they still have to accept that your child is an individual with a unique personality.

Development milestones

This is the time when your baby shows voice, with a lot of deafening screams, the sound of gurgling, chirped and laughing. Lot 5-month-old baby proved most refreshing in the morning, after being fed belly and especially have a nap. So you take advantage of this time period, temporarily forgetting the long solid list of things to do. You just enjoy the unique pleasures is located next to the baby on the bed, talking, playing with the baby. Your baby will always smile to you, and enjoy seeing you smile back. When you hear his voice, they will come back and look, look into your eyes and beam faces when you realized. Truly baby has come a long way in just 5 short months. You want to look when she tried to take items out of reach and baby face is much focused. Do not let him catch it too easy; challenges your child to try to get fancy items like this will make little attempt advocacy, and help them learn to control the body moves at his disposal

Your baby can keep your head when upright and gently sat up. An important development in the age of 5 months is known flip when she can turn from back to stomach, and back again like a fun active games. Every day you give him the floor to play the very active child and presto important improvement you are light.


Your baby will quickly increase the length of each week. From a newborn baby curled in cribs, babies quickly grow long arms, his legs after 5 months. Talk with your doctor about the growth of your baby than the baby’s age group chart. The index first round, length and weight as criteria to measure the growth of the baby, and what criteria are as important as each other.

You’ll notice your baby may grow too week, next week also left standing still undeveloped. You should consult growth charts by age group of your baby, this is a useful method to mark the baby’s development over time, and help you to compare objectively with other kids in the same age and gender.

Keep healthy baby

Your baby is vaccinated during the period, but if you accidentally miss any shots of the 4th month, then set the infant vaccination schedule. You should arrange vaccination period, marked on the calendar and set priorities for this.

Do not be too serious chemical hygiene problems in your home. There have been many studies point out that we still need a little bit of dirt in the house to facilitate the body’s immune system to develop. But it seems most of the fathers, mothers, especially mothers, there is hardly a comfortable attitude when it comes to hygiene problems like this. Even the health of adults in the household should be reasonably prevented. Also have to inject yourself fully immunized, especially with pertussis.

Playing with baby

Please alert before the advertisement appealing “best” or “most educational” toys of your baby. Just her parents, siblings and loved ones around is enough to make her happy for hours. You can select a few toys in bright colors and safety so they can put into the mouth to chew or suck. Your baby will automatically pay attention to the items that favorite baby alone.

This time, the baby began to stick with a certain toy or fake nipples. This precious item really mean a lot to the early years of a child, but does not affect the baby has become too sensitive or not, or other problems in the future. You need only look at items around the baby sleeping place, whether covered baby face and do not suffocate. Teddy bears, soft toys, blankets, and the cotton toys can cause danger to the baby.

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