Everything you need to know about baby swing before purchasing one!

Identify baby swing

The baby swing is called as a life-saver for the frazzled parents, who are appeasing their baby to sleep every day. These units can stand freely and help baby go to sleep by imitating the rhythmic motion of the worm. Even when your baby is irritable one, the baby swing will bring back amazing effect. But you should remember that the manufactures recommend using this product in fixed period, we will analyze the best time to use it in the below topic. You can read review about best baby swing 2016 at Baby Insider.

The best time to use baby swing

Most suppliers introduce the baby swing working well with children less than 25-30 pounds (10-13 kilograms). With this information, most of the parents think that baby swing can work until their babies are one-year-old. In fact, according to the growth of children in real time, a parent should use baby swing before the babies can turn over or strong enough to upend the swing. Our advice for the perfect time of using baby swing is when babies are under 7 months and the weight is not over 15-25 pounds.

Your baby loves the swing or not?

Some parent buys the baby swing and then realizes that their babies react unexpectedly with the motion. The aim of the baby swing is creating a perfect place for newborns as inside their mother worm which they will feel warm, safe and fall to asleep. Most of the babies will love the baby swing while others do not enjoy it. In some case, the babies will cry when you put them in baby swing but feel comfortable in a bouncy chair or even when parent hug them in the sling. The baby swing might be expensive and cannot return to the suppliers so that our suggestion is you should try your friends’ baby swing before buying one.

The Safety

The most important thing that parents care about when to buying any baby product is the safety, it is considered as the top priority of this industry. There are some tips for parents to check the safety of baby swing, read below for more details:

  • The instruction and guide to use. All manufactures will provide the information of the appropriate age and weight of the baby to use their baby swing product. You should read it carefully to have a right choice.
  • The baby swing’s materials. You might know that most of the baby swing made of plastic, some contents dangerous chemical or bad quality. You should check the element of plastic to make sure it will not harm your babies.
  • Safety harness. Many reports show that babies can slip out or turn over the baby swing. One of the safety solutions for that problem is safety harness. Parents should buy baby swing with three to five points harness or over the shoulder straps.
  • The design of baby swing. In many cases, baby can put small parts or toys into a mouth and choke. So that you should consider the concept of safe connection or security of baby swing.
  • Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association Certificate (JPMA Certificate). Any baby product need to have a safety certificate to make sure it’s standard and JPMA is trusted and popular one. You might prefer the products sealed with the JPMA Certification.
  • Electric sources.


Cost: On the baby swing market today, the price ranges $50 – $200. It depends on the functions which suppliers provide on each model as music, light, toy, motion options and quality of materials …

Support of producers: Sometime you cannot try to use baby swing before purchase and want to replace them by other appropriate product. In this case, the refund policy will help you a lot.

Portable function and easy to clean: In the special case, you need to clean the baby swing or move the baby swing to the new places.

Parenting is not the easy work and especially in first few months of an infant, hope that our article will give you useful tips to choice the right baby swing.


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